MURCIA HYGIENE offers services of  sanitary maintenance of installations with risk  proliferation of legionella spp: domestic hot and cold water systems, towers of refrigeration, evaporative condensers, jacuzzis, spa and in general all installations affected by RD 865/2003.

We make an adapted analysis of your risk facilities according to the basis of the RD 865/2003. For this purpose, we apply the risk assessment guidelines appropriate for each type of facility, which are developed in the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Consumption, and a self-control program is made depending on the risk.


MURCIA HYGIENE performs all the compulsory operations required for the owner of the installation which are summarized into the following ones:

a - Notification to the Public Health General Direction:

Murcia Hygiene offers the owner the option to manage the notification of register or cessation of cooling towers and evaporative condensers, within the period of maximum one month from the register or the cessation.


b - Maintenance program.

Murcia Hygiene offers customers programs of periodic maintenance, structural and functional improvements of facilities, as well as control of the microbiological and physico-chemical quality of the water. These programs are personalized and made on the basis of the calculation of the risk of installation.


c - Maintenance Registration.

Murcia Hygiene gives the customer a REGISTER BOOK of personalized risk facilities maintenance. Including in it:

- The maintenance plan
- The hydraulic installation plans.
- The authorizations of the company and the Legionella technicians.
- The analytical results
- Certificates and protocols of cleaning and disinfection operations.
- Registers for maintenance operations.


d - We carry out the cleaning and disinfection operations of maintenance and/or shocking.

e - We manage the collection of samples and their analysis in approved laboratories.

f - Murcia Hygiene offers a free technical advice as well as presence in health inspections at the customer request.