Dry zone, bubble type

Made of high quality natural rubber. Designed with air chambers that reduce fatigue in legs and back providing
greater comfort at work. They are made with beveled edges to prevent tripping, they are available as individual
carpet or with unions for greater lengths.

Dry zone, modular type

Modular system of square tile that allow to create different shapes and designs they are made from quality elastic rubber.


Wet zone, individual type

The individual 4-edged  open carpet is ideal for jobs that require non-slip floors.

Wet zone, modular type

Modular system of square tiles that you can combine to create different shapes, with the anti-fatigue properties of the elastic rubber.




It dissipates static electricity, anti-fatigue and anti-slip design.

Insulating plastic floor

Surface with non-slip relief and comfortable touch, easy to assemble, antibacterial and inalterable to detergents
and common acids.