Rodent control is the control of rats, mice and moles.

Rodenticides or biocides that once consumed by rodents, cause his death due to its coagulating effect. They occur in different formulations, such as grain, block, gels, powders, liquids, etc..


Placed within the bait as a security measure to avoid possible accidents due to intoxication.

They are boxes of different materials with holes in and out of different sizes to the rodents.A fact to keep in mind is that they do not have period of security and must be entered in the general public health register. Other systems for the control of rodents are mechanical methods of spring and glue traps.

Where would the rodent control be necessary ? 

Rodents are not just a rural problem, of areas in the outskirts of the cities or industrial areas. Rats also live in the sewers of our cities.

Parks, gardens, solar and abandoned warehouses, attics, lofts, basements and warehouses, etc., are places of shelter of mice and rats.

Even inhabited houses can be susceptible to infestation. 
Types of rodent control

The status of the installation of sanitation is essential for the success of the treatments the food that remains should be disposed  after use in kitchens and dining rooms, garbage cans should be drained continuously. You have to remove possible access to the places by putting metal screens of adequate size, as well as to repair cracks and fissures, avoiding the passage and nesting inside.
It is important to avoid disorder in warehouses and cellars.
Once preventive measures are taken , the most common rodent control , consists in the varied  priming, inside or perimeter. Only in special circumstances and with strong security measures is the  liquid priming, or Rodenticide powder. Much more common is the priming and mechanical methods.
The precise rodent control is only effective if it ensures that it will not give the re-entry of new individuals. In many cases this is not possible by the characteristics of the installation, or the place where it is located.
So the rodent control is a continuous process of protection of installation, where pest control, surveillance and monitoring, develop closely linked.

It is convenient to revise and replace baits, often alternating formulated and active ingredients, always to maintain a high level of attraction and prevent resistance to used biocides.