In Murcia Hygiene we are experts in protecting the wood from the attack of insects (termites and woodworms) and fungi using the most advanced techniques.

There is a specific division that defines this Department, and that is responsible not only of the treatments but for more complex designs that may arise as a result of the problems caused by these insects. It is common the collaboration of biologists, architects, restorers, which complement a work of great technical ability.

We have participated in works for private homes, institutions, heritage, historic buildings.


The goal of treatment is to exterminate the larva of the Anobido, within the own wood, avoiding that it comes out and reinfestes other parts.
We will use different systems, depending on the obstacles that present each case.

The ideal system is the "thermal shock", is the most efficient and at the same time the cleanest. The system consist of introducing the pieces in an airtight chamber, and there, for the control of temperature and humidity to exterminate the larvae and eggs.

Once the parts are protected with biocides product in approximately 10 years they won´t  have more problems in the future. But for that we need to move parts to our facilities and it is not always possible, so this system only valid for transportable pieces (furniture, books, cloths, paintings, etc.). Other not transportable wooden parts must be treated in situ (decking, beams, posts, etc.) by injection.


The first step is the diagnosis. This has to be very precise and has to be done by architects because  there are often problems with the solidity of structures. They determine to what extent they are attacked and which are those that must be replaced.
Termites are subterranean and the are fed from the cellulose found in wood for our homes.
Once the House is reinforced and  the beams are replaced, the first thing is to make a chemical barrier around the House to so isolate them.

Once isolated, we will try the structural timber and woodwork in the house so they can not get food, and finally place anti-termite bait. This treatment involves placing of witnesses of wood or cellulose on the ground or on the walls of the house so the termites locate them. Once you have located them, witnesses are changed by cellulose impregnated in a termicida product.
This product acts slowly and the termites are not able to determine why they are dying and they continue eating the poison.
In this way we eliminate all the colony, although very slowly, the treatment lasts approximately five years. 

Methods of control

-By impregnation.
-Inert gases.
-Toxic barriers.
-Biological systems.
-Thermal shock.

We also treat wood for export commerce with the appropriate certificates.